“I particularly admired your approach to Malvolio, Richard. You’re a strong actor, and it was clear that every word and gesture you brought to this legendary role had been thoughtfully considered and beautifully executed.”

John F. Andrews
Founder and Director, The Shakespeare Guild
former Head of Academic Affairs, The Folger Library

“I have seen Macbeth many, many times, but this is the first time that I saw the Doctor as an interesting and memorable character.”

Patrick Garrity, Actor

“As the author of the play, Finishing Touches, I was delighted by Richard’s brilliant portrayal of Howard, the lead character. Richard brought vulnerability, wit, passion and intelligence to a demanding role. He would add immeasurably to any character in any future production, be it comedy or drama.”

Stanley F. Hart, Playwright
(Multiple Emmy Winner for The Carol Burnett Show)

“I admire you!”

Marian Seldes
Tony Award Winning Actor

“It’s been my privilege to work with Richard, both as a director and an actor. His work is solid and imaginative and his work ethic is impeccable. He is always supportive, positive and a pleasure to work with.”

Wendy Merritt, Director/Actor
Sink or Swim Rep/Metropolitan Playhouse

“Richard instills trust and dispels disbelief. He finds the honesty of any given dramatic situation, focuses completely on it, and draws the audience in with his sincerity.”

Marlene Thorn Taber

“Richard Porter is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. He brings depth and insight to each role he takes on. He and I have worked together twice (Measure for Measure and All’s Well that Ends Well), and I look forward to working with him again!”

Christopher Romero Wilson

“Richard, we were thrilled with the production! All the acting was excellent. I was riveted, as were Stan and our guests. You certainly did a fabulous job in this. Really, we are full of admiration, and so glad we got to see Summer and Smoke. Every character was so nuanced. You all just imparted a depth and humanity to each and every part. When I see a production I’m still thinking about the next day, it has been special, and this certainly was.”

Jane Hart,
Author and Artist

“Richard Porter has delighted audiences at the English-Speaking Union with a repertoire of beautifully performed Scottish, English and Christmas songs. He has portrayed all manner of characters in his acting career and outstanding among those roles was his Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night. He brought incredible vitality to one of Shakespeare’s most comic characters.”

Barbara O’Dwyer Lopez
Former Executive Director of the English-Speaking Union of New York

“Richard Porter is a very intelligent and expressive actor. He was a pleasure to work with both as his director and as a fellow cast member.”

Eric Smith, Director/Actor
Co-Founder, Sink or Swim Rep

“In no way meaning to lessen the performances of those not mentioned, I was especially impressed with the adept handing of language by Erin Bernard, Danae Nason, Aryanna Celenda and most notably Richard James Porter (It was a great pleasure hearing Shakespeare’s lines uttered by Mr. Porter).”

Le Wilhelm
Founder/Director/Writer, Love Creek Productions

“You have found a fantastic director in Mr. Christopher Romero. This production is smart, sexy and full of energy and laughter. The creativity with which he bent the genders of a few key characters was impressive and the actors carried it off with appeared to be simply ease and grace! (I’m sure it must have taken a lot of hard work because they didn’t look like they were working at it.) The sexual tension and sexual dynamic added so much energy to the machinations of the characters. Mr. Castleman was a devilish Angelo. The Duke, played by Peter Romano (mostly disguised a a meddling friar), was a strong and heroic presence. Claudio, the lover, played by Jake Kropak was passionate and generous. John MacDonald and Kurt Roediger displayed some tight comic timing and physicality in their supporting roles as friars, soldiers, and drunks. Dylan J. Sampson was hilarious as the Elbow the Fool. Richard James Porter was a pitch perfect Escalus.

Ian Barnes